Microlines/ Volume + by Hairdreams Changes lives.

We are offering an amazing, life changing hair extension service at Salon Salon. The Hairdreams HighLines gives very fine and slightly thinning hair significantly more volume in the crown area. This is done with micro-fine invisible special threads with high-grade real hair attached to them which is integrated into the Clients real hair. Make a complimentary consultation appointment today to see how we can help change your life.

Here are some testimonials from our clients who tried everything to address their thinning hair.

"Do this because you deserve to be your best self. I could never in a million years imagine how life changing this would be. I was a skeptic. I had tried everything over the years to improve the thinning of my hair including a very expensive (and painful) hair follicle transplant surgery that was guaranteed to work…it didn’t. How could something so easy actually work? My hairdresser had been telling me about Hair Dreams Plus for more than a year now along with the success stories of her clients. I was nervous, but finally, one day, I just trusted Sage and did it. Let me assure you, there is nothing to be nervous about. It is so easy and FUN. Yes, I said fun. Blow drying, brushing, style your hair like you have never done before is a gift. I hear every single day, “You look younger”, “Your hair is beautiful” “What have you done different”,” You look so happy”. I’m so thankful to Sage for her professionalism and true caring to provide me with such a beautiful change that has given me a renewed sense of confidence and belief in myself. I haven’t felt pretty on the outside in years. It’s not superficial, it’s chance to regain something I didn’t even know I had lost. it’s a miracle."

Amy Carey

”I cannot express enough how life changing hair dreams has been for me. For years I have always been so self conscious about my extremely thinning hair. I went to Sage not really knowing if i would go truly go thru with it, I decided immediately to do it and it was the best decision of my life. I feel confident and I get compliments of my hair daily. Sage was so professional, supportive and caring about my situation and wanted to help me in every way possible and continues to do so. I most certainly was nervous and anxious but trust me when I say, it’s totally worth the change and to be able to style and do my hair daily is amazing. I truly appreciate Sage on a daily basis! “ Chastity

”For years I thought there was no answer to my thinned hair caused by androgenic alopecia. I remember looking in my review mirror one day and just started crying because the sun was shining off my scalp. An opportunity came along to try the Hairdreams volumizing top piece, my world has never been the same. The confidence I've gained is immeasurable. I feel like a completely new person with just this simple change. I walk taller, I'm less self-conscious, and I'm no longer worried about what people may or may not be thinking. LIFE CHANGING .” Andrea

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